Reduce Your Fuel Costs By 10%

Is your car still unconnected? Get GOFAR Complete for $119 (RRP $149) and spend less on fuel, servicing and tax by plugging it into your car.

6.5+ Million

Kilometres Logged

Full Compatibility

GOFAR works in any petrol, diesel or hybrid since 2007

Here’s How it Works


Adapter plugs in under your dashboard


Driving data is synced with your smartphone


Track everything in the GOFAR app

Business Expenses

For the cents per KM method just swipe the business trips and it’ll do the rest. When you’re ready just do an export and you’re all done! GOFAR helps you with tax & company claim expenses.

Fuel Savings

In six tests, GOFAR delivered average fuel savings of 9.8% in 80,000km of tests. That’s like 10c off every litre!

Car Health

GOFAR alerts you when there’s a problem with your car – in plain english – so you can deal with it BEFORE it becomes expensive. 

1 Year Warranty

No Ongoing Fees or Contracts

Free Shipping

Free Lifetime Updates


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