GoCatch announces plans to IPO & appoints hire car industry heavy weight John Bartolotta to the Board

13 March 2018 GoCatch announces plans to IPO & appoints hire car industry heavy weight John Bartolotta to the Board. 59,000 GoCatch Taxi and Rideshare drivers to reduce transport costs for the wholesale travel industry and corporate sector.

GoCatch announces plans today for the company’s Initial Public Offering in June and has appointed John Bartolotta from its industry advisory committee as a non-executive board member.

In joining the GoCatch Board, Mr Bartolotta will provide experienced guidance over GoCatch’s execution platform to service wholesale contracts. Mr Bartolotta through associated entities has also recently invested in GoCatch.

Mr Bartolotta has over 25 year’s experience in servicing the wholesale point to point industry and is the Managing Director of Royale Limousines and Chairman of the NSW Hire Car Association.

“John has been an advisory committee member with GoCatch for over 6 months and through that time we have found that John’s experience aligns very well with the GoCatch strategy to focus its services on the wholesale market. We anticipate further appointments to the board leading up to the float that complement GoCatch’s business model. We are delighted that John has accepted the appointment.” – GoCatch Chairman, Sunil Patel

Mr Bartolotta said that GoCatch already has a strong presence in the industry with a mature technology solution, operations team and driver/fleet access system.

“GoCatch is pursuing a sensible business model by applying its point to point transport technology to business to business problems in the wholesale ground transport sector. Some of those problems need a mixed high and low tech solution such as a physical ‘meet & greet’ for quality of service. GoCatch is focused on customizing its technology to solve those problems which is what excites me about GoCatch” – said Mr Bartolotta

Preparation for IPO

GoCatch announces plans to make an Initial Public Offering in June this year with a pre-IPO funding round currently being concluded and a short-list of brokers in review. GoCatch currently intends to cap its capital raising to under $5 million on IPO and will give priority allocations to drivers and fleet owners in the space to ensure that those Australian small business owners are able to participate. GoCatch expects to be one of the first point to point transport apps globally to be cash flow positive and float. Proceeds from the float will be used to accelerate servicing of an existing pipeline of wholesale revenue opportunities.

Andrew Campbell, CEO of GoCatch said that the business is on track to break even by June this year.


“The reason we have decided to list on the ASX is to provide an opportunity for the fragmented market of vehicle owners, operator and drivers to invest in the distribution channel that originates their bookings. With less than $12.5 million of capital investment to date since 2011, GoCatch has developed a user base of 59,000 drivers and is executing on a sustainable business to business model that is close to break even.” – GoCatch CEO, Andrew Campbell

The GoCatch IPO will provide Australian investors with a rare opportunity to obtain exposure to the wholesale point to point transport sector via a technology-based business which has low capital expenditure.

GoCatch has evolved to become one of the lowest cost, quality of service focused operators in the space. With no debts and current monthly expenses below $220,000 a month, proceeds from the IPO will be focused primarily on accelerating revenue growth. GoCatch has a monthly burn rate of below AUD40K a month in stark comparison to publicly disclosed burn rates of between $30M to $200M for some of the large off-shore foreign operators.”

With access to a large driver group and fleet that is able to service over 2M trips a day, GoCatch has the immediate opportunity to service large portions of wholesale demand in the $5.6 billion taxi, hire car and ridesharing market. In the medium term GoCatch plans on providing alternative wholesale products in competition with participants in the $181 billion car rental market.

GoCatch offers customers access to on-demand and pre-booked transport options that range from Economy private vehicles, Taxis and Maxis through to Premium, luxury rides. GoCatch is 100% Australia and its business and trip data is located on-shore in Australia.


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About GoCatch
GoCatch provides pre-booked and on-demand transport nationwide with no surge pricing. Founded in 2011, GoCatch has 59,000 Taxi, Maxi, Economy and Premium drivers registered on the platform. GoCatch enables users to book, track and pay for their transport with ease and provides a business solution that improves efficiency and reduces ground transport cost. Corporate and wholesale enquiries can be made at Passengers and drivers can download the GoCatch app in the App Store or via Google Play.

About Mr John Bartolotta
Mr John Bartolotta is the Managing Director of Royale Limousines, Australia’s leading ground transport provider. He has over 27 years experience in the hire car and shuttle transfer industry servicing corporate businesses, government agencies, travel wholesalers and conference/event planners. Mr Bartolotta is the Chairman of the NSW Hire Car Association, a member of the Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF), BESydney, and Exhibition & Event Association of Australia (EEAA). Graduating from the University of Sydney in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science, he majored in Computer Science and Mathematics.

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GoCatch Partners with Weave Charity in March to Help Drive Change

1 March 2018 – GoCatch has partnered with Sydney-based charity Weave to help disadvantaged people obtain their licence.

The charity partnership will leverage the Driving Change Program, an initiative run by Weave Youth & Community Services that assists people in overcoming the social and economic barriers that come with not having a licence.

As part of GoCatch’s commitment to the partnership, during March each time a new user signs up to GoCatch, $2 from every trip they make will be donated to Weave’s Driving Change Program, with an additional $2 discounted from the fare when they use the promo code WEAVE2.

Weave Partnerships and Marketing Manager, Mardi Diles, said that the program is not just about education but prevention, as unlicensed driving is often the first point of contact people have with the law.

“It’s easy to take for granted the importance of being able to drive, but for many people it means having access to employment opportunities and social inclusion.”

Weave’s decision to partner with GoCatch has been made based on mutually shared values – both being Australian organisations that encourage independence, mobility, opportunity, and the motivation to provide disadvantaged people with a licence to live.

“We are excited to support a great cause that is well-aligned with our company values” – GoCatch CEO, Andrew Campbell

Driving Change Program support includes covering the financial costs of learning to drive, the use of volunteer driving instructors, and paying off any outstanding fines through Work and Development orders.

With a program cost of around $2500 per participant and a long wait list, Driving Change relies on donations and volunteers to keep the program running.

To donate or volunteer, or for more information on the Driving Change Program, please visit;


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James Morris –, 02 9429 6186
Courtney Doddridge –, 02 9429 6145


GoCatch Turns 7 and Launches “Fastest Route Guarantee”

27 February 2018 – Australian point to point transport app GoCatch celebrates 7 years in the Australian market by launching a bold move to guarantee passengers’ fares capped at the fastest route to their destination.

The Fastest Route Guarantee means that GoCatch now guarantees passengers will only pay for the fastest route to their destination. Passengers can now travel with the certainty that GoCatch will calculate the fastest route and that the fare will never be higher; even if the passenger doesn’t know the way to their destination.

If the driver takes a less direct and more expensive route, GoCatch will refund the difference.

Making the Guarantee possible is the launch of the new GoCatch in-app taxi meter, which calculates the taxi fare using precise GPS and Google Maps technology.

In combination with a No Surge Pricing policy, this new Guarantee gives the GoCatch fleet a major advantage and protects consumer wallets.

“When passengers book a trip, they expect the driver to take them to their destination using the fastest and most direct route. No one wants to spend more time than necessary on a trip and get charged more. The Fastest Route Guarantee encourages drivers to do the right thing by transporting their passengers in the most efficient and fastest way possible. It removes the incentive to ‘take the scenic route’, even if the passenger is a tourist.” – GoCatch CEO, Andrew Campbell

The in-app taxi meter uses Google Maps and GPS data to calculate the duration and distance travelled. This is different to the traditional taxi meter, which relies on the drive shaft of the vehicle to calculate distance and duration, and which switches between rates under a certain speed limit.

GoCatch calculates the fare using independent Google data and using the exact pick up location. The in-app meter is not subject to variation between different meters, vehicles, or their installation and maintenance.

“Australians don’t want a monopoly in the transport sector. Now that GoCatch offers the first Fastest Route Guarantee, and No Surge Pricing, we all have a better way to get from A to B.”

GoCatch offers passengers transport options that range from Economy private vehicles, Taxis and Maxis through to Premium, luxury rides.

Passengers can download the GoCatch app in the App Store or via Google Play. Book on-demand or between 30 minutes and 12 months in Advance. To kick the week off, GoCatch is giving $10 off to new passengers who enter the voucher code GCBIRTHDAY7.


Available for Comment: Andrew Campbell – GoCatch CEO
Contact: Suling Neav 0410766187 | Sarah Ung 0423540049 |

About GoCatch
GoCatch is the Australian Point to Point Transport app with 58,000 drivers nationwide and no surge pricing. Founded in 2011, GoCatch offers on-demand or pre-booked rides with Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles. The GoCatch app allows users to book, track and pay for their trip with ease and provides a business solution that improves efficiency and reduces ground transport cost.

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GoCatch Integrates Business Solutions with Concur to Deliver Seamless Travel Expensing

15 December 2017 – GoCatch today announced the integration of GoCatch Business Solutions with Concur®, an SAP company and the world’s leading provider of travel, expense and invoice management solutions. Now available in the Concur App Centre, GoCatch will provide Concur clients with an intuitive and seamless way to expense their business-related travel. Business travellers are increasingly turning to GoCatch to manage their company travel, due to the extensive network of over 50,000 Taxi and Rideshare drivers, full GST compliance, and to avoid surge pricing with the GoCatch peak and off-peak rate cards.

Our partnership with Concur establishes the need for a fully integrated expense reporting solution for travel that is both cardless and paperless – where managing your trips is just as easy as taking a GoCatch.

“GST-compliant tax invoices are essential for businesses to claim back GST credits. Australian businesses will be excited to discover that with GoCatch and Concur, they can claim their GST credits correctly – adjusted for non-taxable supplies such as state levies, and to say goodbye to paper receipts forever” – said Andrew Campbell, CEO at GoCatch. “This integration also provides real-time, transparent visibility and control of employees’ GoCatch expenses and compliance to Concur clients.”

Connecting your GoCatch account with Concur is a straight-forward process, which you can do via the GoCatch Passenger Portal or via the Concur App Centre. Once connected, your GoCatch trip receipts will automatically transfer to Concur at the end of your journey, filling in all the necessary details including custom data such as trip purpose, notes or expense codes.

GoCatch is now available in the Concur App Centre. Offering apps with streamlined integration with Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice products, the Concur App Centre delivers innovative functionality in key categories such as finance, regulatory compliance, enterprise identity, traveller productivity, travel management and much more. For more information, visit

GoCatch Business Solutions is constantly improving and evolving to provide leading transport solutions to businesses and corporates Australia-wide, and we are proud to announce our partnership with Concur. Let’s move Australia together.

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Find GoCatch in the Concur App Centre


How to beat the SURGE and get home faster 😎

Summer is upon us, and here at GoCatch we’re looking forward to getting you to wherever you need to be this season – whether it’s a beach trip, off to work or a Sunday picnic in the park. The waves may be surging this summer, but with GoCatch you can avoid the surge pricing and control how much you spend on your travel.

GoCatch gives you access to Australia’s largest combined fleet of Taxis and Private Vehicles (Economy & Premium), and gives you three ways to beat the surge and get picked up fast:

Access Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles via the GoCatch App

With over 57,000 registered Taxi and Private Vehicle drivers and more joining daily, take confidence in Australia’s largest combined fleet to take you home. Fares are calculated in-app and shown prior to booking, so you’ll never experience price surging. Enter a credit card, PayPal or Android Pay for the ease of a seamless hop-in, hop-out experience.

GoCatch Advance Bookings

Avoid the hassle of waiting for a vehicle by booking in advance. Have a car waiting for you when you need it most, day or night, from 1 hour to 12 months in advance – for added peace of mind. Did we mention no surge pricing?

Get Picked Up Faster with Driver Incentives

Have the ability to add a Driver Incentive to reduce your wait time for a vehicle when there is high demand. Be in control of your costs by choosing your own incentive amount. Adding as little as $10 can get you picked up faster and come out ahead against surge pricing. Most importantly, 100% of each Driver Incentive goes directly to your Driver.

Referrals are Back! Give $5, Get $10.

Help your friends and family beat the surge with GoCatch and get $10 credit on us! When your refer a new passenger they’ll get $5 off their first trip, and after they take 3 trips you’ll get $10 credit. To find your Referral code, open the GoCatch app and tap Menu > Share.








Our switched on Support Team is always here to help. Get in touch with us directly by emailing or tap ‘Help’ in the GoCatch app.


Happy Monday, Brisbanites!

To celebrate the official launch of our Rideshare service in Brisbane, we’re giving all Brisbane passengers a FREE lift to work this morning!

Simply request a GoCatch Rideshare or Taxi in Brisbane between 7-10AM this morning, and your ride up the value of $30 is on US!

We’re so confident Brisbanites are gonna love our service, we’re giving you all a FREE test ride this morning. 

Can’t wait to see you on the road!

Download GoCatch App Button

Terms & Conditions
* Limited to one free trip per passenger, up to the value of $30. Trip must be taken between 7 and 10AM on Monday 5 September, 2016, AEST time. Must pay in-app to redeem free ride. Payment method must be added in order to pay in-app. To add a payment method, tap Menu > Account > Payment Methods. Valid on GoCatch Rideshare and Taxi trips.



GoCatch Announces David Holmes as CEO


Former CEO of to lead Australia’s popular taxi and ridesharing booking platform

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.12.55 am
GoCatch, Australia’s favourite on-demand taxi and ridesharing booking app, today announced that David Holmes joins the Company as CEO, effective immediately. Mr. Holmes brings to GoCatch more than 20 years’ experience in commercialising digital and disruptive technologies, with a long and varied career across global brands including eBay, Monster, Commonwealth Bank, Microsoft, Telstra, Hyundai, Nestle and HSBC. Having founded local digital marketing agencies including OneMedia, OneDigital, Isobar and iProspect in Australia, Mr. Holmes most recently served as CEO, and then, Chairman of, Australia’s largest independent automotive content publisher.

The GoCatch Board of Directors commenced the CEO recruitment process earlier this year, with the support of Co-Founder and former CEO Ned Moorfield. Mr. Moorfield will pursue a number of new ventures in the U.S and continue as a Director and major shareholder of the business. Mr Moorfield said: “I’m extremely proud of what our team has achieved over the past 5 years, building the company from little more than an idea and a pitch deck, to now being a leading player in the high growth, on demand transport booking market. I’m excited to now have the opportunity to pursue new opportunities overseas, including improving access for Australian founders and startups to overseas capital and markets, and I wish David all the best in his new role as CEO.”

GoCatch Chairman Bill Beerworth said: “GoCatch has proven that Australian innovation, technology and talent can transform the passenger and driver experience and attract a CEO with the calibre of David Holmes”. “The transport and logistics sector is being re-imagined right now and this is an opportunity to be right in the middle of that transformation. I am very excited by what GoCatch has done and where the platform can be taken next,” said Mr. Holmes.

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