Driver Requirements:

All Rideshare Drivers on GoCatch in Queensland must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have held an unrestricted Australian Driver Licence for a minimum of 12 months
  • Have a current Queensland Driver Authorisation
  • Have an iOS or Android smartphone
  • Be able to communicate with passengers in English clearly and effectively

Account validation is subject to final review by GoCatch staff.

Vehicle Requirements:

All Rideshare Vehicles on GoCatch in Queensland must:

  • Have a Vehicle Safety Certificate from an Approved Inspection Station.
    • Book an inspection at your nearest location here.
  • Be a 2008 model, or newer
  • Have no more than 300,000kms on the odometer
  • Have 4 outward opening doors with external handles
  • Have seats and working seat belts for a driver, and at least 4 passengers
  • Be registered in Queensland
  • Be in very good internal and external condition i.e. must not have any significant internal or external wear and tear such as, but not limited to, upholstery stains or dents/scratches on the bodywork
  • Not have any commercial branding
  • Not be a convertible, ex-taxi, passenger van, bus, truck, instructor vehicle or utility vehicle with a cargo tray

Find out if your vehicle is eligible

However, it must meet the following criteria:

Unsure if your vehicle meets our minimum requirements? Get in touch with us via rideshare@gocatch.com with the vehicle make, model and year.

Account validation is subject to final review by GoCatch staff.

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Required Documents:

1. Unrestricted Australian Driver Licence

You must have held a full Australian Driver Licence for a minimum of 12 months. The Driver Licence must be current and valid.

International, probationary or learner’s Driver Licences are not permitted.

2. Queensland Driver Authorisation

For more information on the new framework for personalised transport, click here.

Otherwise, please complete the following forms, organise an appointment with your General Practitioner and submit your application in person at a transport and motoring service centre:

NOTE: General, Booked Hire/Taxi, or Taxi Driver Authorisations are currently accepted by GoCatch.

3. Vehicle Insurance

Please provide a full copy of your valid Third Party Property (Fire and Theft), Third Party Property Damage, or Comprehensive vehicle insurance certificate. CTP is not adequate vehicle insurance.

The document must have your name printed as the policy holder or nominated driver, and it must display the vehicle’s registration number, details, type of cover, and a future expiry date.

NOTE: The document is often called a ‘Certificate of Currency’ or ‘Certificate of Insurance’.

4. Vehicle Safety Certificate

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads requires all ride-booking drivers to obtain a current vehicle safety certificate, issued by an Approved Inspection Station.

Drivers are required to maintain this certificate in their vehicle at all times when providing ride-booking services and are expected to provide evidence of it when requested by a Transport Inspector.

To find your nearest Approved Inspection Station, click here.

NOTE: Certificates are valid for 12 months. Each registered vehicle on the GoCatch platform must have its own certificate.

5. Vehicle Identification Sign

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads also requires all ride-booking drivers to display a sign on or towards the rear of the vehicle that reasonably implies that the vehicle is a booked hire vehicle. This must be clearly visible from the outside.

To download your own printable version of the GoCatch Vehicle Identification Sign, click here.

Eligible and ready to start driving?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly team at rideshare@gocatch.com.