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GoCatch will soon launch a dedicated Premium & Hire Car class booking service for our customers nation-wide. We invite you to register your details to receive more information about launch dates and pricing.

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GoCatch Premium Launching Soon

Why drive with GoCatch?

GoCatch is Australia's leading Private Car & Taxi booking app.

Hassle-free. Hail-free. Get the nearest ride to suit your needs in just two taps. Order your ride, track your driver in real-time and pay, all in-app! 

Available in all major Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and more.

At GoCatch we give drivers 85% of the trip fare plus any tips provided.

Keep More of Every Dollar

Australian Owned

Australian owned and operated, GoCatch was first launched in Sydney and now operates Australia wide.

Providing more options means more jobs and control for drivers.

Passengers can make bookings up to one week in advance. Plus Advance Bookings make planning your day so much easier.


Any occasion, any time, anywhere.

Be able to get a ride with GoCatch for any occasion.


Safe Night Travel

Team working late? Ensure they get home quickly and safely.

Affordable and convenient travel for meetings, flights or clients.

Business & Client Travel


Get from home to work and back, without worrying about parking.

Events & Functions

Reliable and scaleable travel for media and events.

Let's get you sorted, with:

Easy In-App Booking & Centralised Payments

Straightforward Advanced Bookings

Online Passenger Portal to Manage Trips & Expenses

Single-Use, Unique Vouchers for Your Employees

Total-Coverage GoCatch Credit Card For Keeping Track

Add GoCatch to your

business travel program.

Creating Competition

Advance Bookings

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GoCatch Exclusive Features



An online concierge to easily and efficiently book and manage your employees’ trips, even if they don’t have the app.

Advance Bookings

Easily book trips with GoCatch in advance, ensuring peace of mind that you’ll have a ride when and where you need it.

GoCatch Premium Coming Soon

Introducing the gold standard of journeys. Travel in style with GoCatch Premium. Perfect for your next special event, or for VIP clients or executives.

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