Setting up a Centralised Account

  • GoCatch supports having your staff charge taxi travel to a centralised account
  • Eliminates the need to process expense claims or needing to share business credit card details with each staff member
  • Your staff’s GoCatch accounts are linked to a centralised account which is charged to a credit card or to a PayPal account
  • Staff will see the corporate account (identified by your company logo) as a payment method at the end of each journey
  • We place a $10 ‘get started’ credit in each staff members account

If your business would like to use a Centralised Account System:

  • Have each of your staff download and register with GoCatch and then contact our sales team to have your corporate account configured
  • Once configured your staff will then see this additional payment method listed when they use the app and your finance team will begin to receive a monthly summary email of travel charged to the account.

If you have any questions or require any support please use the form below and our team will get in contact with you shortly.

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