Get quickly and safely off the street and into an accredited Taxi service with goCatch – Australia’s Number 1 Taxi App


Make quick bookings
Make quick bookings

Book a taxi quickly with goCatch. A goCatch booking takes less than 5 seconds. goCatch auto-detects your location. Simply, tell goCatch where you want to go then watch the screen to see your driver come to you.

View taxi approaching
View taxi approaching

The in-app map shows you exactly where your driver is, so you know exactly when you’ll be picked up. To give additional instructions you can even use the ‘Call Driver’ button to speak with the driver directly.

Pay in-app
Pay in-app

Pay your driver right from your smartphone. Forget about fumbling with credit cards, cash or keeping receipts. Your personalised 4-digit PIN keeps your payment secure and we’ll email you a receipt instantly.

Call the driver directly
Call the driver directly

All goCatch drivers are authorised taxi drivers in Australia. We give you your driver’s details before pickup and we include them on your goCatch receipt when you pay via goCatch. Plus, we keep a record of all driver and passenger details for every goCatch booking.

How goCatch Works

1. Book a taxi

Use the map to enter your pickup point. Then enter your destination and tap 'Request Taxi'.

2. View the Taxi approaching on the map

Once a taxi driver has accepted the job, you will be able to view the taxi on approach. You can call the driver, or the driver may call you to confirm the arrival point and time.

3. Pay through goCatch app

goCatch offers very flexible payment options in a secure system. You can pay via your personal credit card, a business or corporate card or a PayPal account. You have complete control over you payment choice. A Tax invoice will be sent to your email address.


No need to remember taxi numbers for each city. No dramas if I've left something behind. No waiting on phone queues. No stress. Thank you!

Sue-Ella P.

The most useful app I've encountered in a long time. Absolutely love goCatch!!!!

Sam K.

goCatch gives me peace of mind because I know exactly where my taxi is and I know he’s on his way. Booking a taxi was always frustrating...With goCatch I have no more issues.

Kebrasca K.


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